1. Make sure you are eligible

2. Becoming a member of the Tuna Route is free charge. Register you company and your first activity via the "Registration Form" in this page.

You will need to provide:

  • Company name
  • Addres
  • Primary contact detail
  • Company log
  • An activity  title
  • A description of the activity
  • The dates your activity is available
  • A location of where the activity will take place
  • At least one image representing your activity for which you have permission to use. The better the image is the more chances you have to attract people
  • There are ways we offer to manage your reservations:
    1. You can use our integrate reservation form which enables you to take payments and have full control of your reservations through our reservation management partner Reserve-Me.com
    2. We can redirect potential client to your own reservation booking form
    3. If you don't have any specific dates to be booked, like a festival but would like contact with interested people, we can send an email directly to you.
  • Attention! Your activities information must be available in English as well as your own language.

3. On receipt of your first activity, the Tuna Route management team  will evaluate your submission. If it meets the Tuna Route eligibility criteria you will be invited to:

  • Complete a self-evaluation questionnaire
  • Sign the Tuna Route Charter

On approval, all your published activities will be connected to The Tuna Route website and they will be available for booking. You also will have access to the Tuna Route Partner Label  in order to let you customers you are part of the Tuna Route,  and your activities will be promoted by means of the different Tuna Route communication channels.

If your activity doesn´t meet the Tuna Route´s values and/or quality standards you will be asked to contact your regional coordinator who may help you to re-define your activity for its inclusion in the Tuna Route.